1, 001 Phrases with regard to Adore II: Dumas, Alexandre

1, 001 Phrases with regard to Adore II: Dumas, Alexandre

Gentle. Not really sunshine. Vibrant fluorescents colours pulsing, beating, fragmenting as well as fracturing, each and every colour, mixing crazily, flying previous, occasionally from not possible rates of speed prior to visiting an abrupt stop.


Publications fluttered previous, webpages opened up such as butterflies, phrases raising such as bees, humming close to the woman’s mind, characters re-writing, reducing grooves within the woman’s skin, accommodations within the woman’s pores and skin, a few along with encounters, yelling obscenities, caution the woman’s to obtain taken care of, in order to rush upward, which Lord had been arriving, or even experienced arrive, or even had been right here, or even had been lifeless, or even experienced in no way been around, repairing on their own in order to the woman’s till your woman had been the tattooed canvas.

Period handed, racing at that time delaying to some spider. Your woman tracked what along with the woman’s tips of the fingers, reciting all of them, shivering from her very own contact, the woman’s heartbeat quickening because your woman caressed the woman’s bosoms, the woman’s hard nips increasing, inflamed along with bloodstream, leaving himself in order to himself, fingertips dance together more than the woman’s gentle stomach, teasing the woman’s clit through it’s concealed break, patting the woman’s fluffy pussy, the woman’s fingertips diving in between the woman’s mouth, searching for the woman’s absolute depths, aromatic using the fragrance associated with wish as well as lust. The woman’s entire body garbled till your woman might operate the woman’s fingertips more than her very own backbone, kitchen sink her very own language in to the woman’s cunt, drive the woman’s fingertips right into a location your woman experienced in no way dared think about prior to, sobbing away within enthusiasm the woman’s entire body proceeded to go firm along with euphoria over and over, the next day and also the the next day following, what on her behalf fleshy canvas extending as well as moving, their own sounds increasing such as unfamiliar harmonies, hugging in order to the woman’s just like a 2nd pores and skin.

Here, Lucy, simply touch base.

I can’t observe a person!

The tone of voice, 1 your woman must have acknowledged, the reminder associated with summer time as well as strawberries as well as thunderstorms, however the phrases wouldn’t end up being crowded out, their own sounds increasing inside a din.

The cacophony associated with coloured seem bustled close to the woman’s, but nonetheless which tone of voice known as, fought against via, the existence collection through a few overlooked storage.


As well as all of a sudden, this experienced the title, this particular beacon associated with wish, anchoring the woman’s even while your woman grew to become un-tied.


I adore a person!

The actual angry relaxed stuffed the woman’s, calming the woman’s, goals from the smallest passing away, center beating, heartbeat rushing, battling with regard to inhale because the woman’s moans took via the woman’s, as well as limitless ejaculation tearing via the woman’s till your woman fragmented over and over as well as once again, departing the woman’s along with only the most amazing enjoyment thought.


Your woman viewed in the hedges, consuming in most fine detail along with discolored cup eye; the actual checkerboard yard, the actual garbled topiary, the actual coloured laces and ribbons hanging through go up felines because they hovered on the breezeless day time, content material in order to snooze listlessly over the actual peaceful recreation area.

Having a blink associated with the woman’s splintered orbs your woman commited to memory as soon as prior to switching the woman’s focus on the little group collecting in the shoreline from the fish-pond simply at the rear of the woman’s. Son’s as well as kids associated with cake manufacturers as well as firemen. Butchers as well as bakers as well as candlestick manufacturers. Mariners as well as woodsmen as well as steady experts, not one associated with who understood exactly what it had been prefer to end up being unseen. These were made from fun as well as unburdened using the understanding of exactly what place past the actual edges from the chessboard recreation area.

Not so long ago shed already been made from huge smiles as well as lack of knowledge, however that were the actual reflection experienced broken right into a 1000 items 1 fateful evening, the woman’s pleased closing sliding via the woman’s fingertips such as sunbeams via dirt.

I will edit the actual tale.

The woman’s sound had been brutal, the woman’s eye intention on the actual yard because your woman signaled towards the model turtles that responded through allowing free the sour winter season blowing wind over the cleaning which delivered the actual felines tumbling with the atmosphere, their own proprietors going after all of them inside a stress. Having a taken hug in order to the woman’s shelled buddies your woman ended up from the hedge as well as on to the actual huge chessboard, very carefully walking to the sq . usually busy through the Full as well as vanishing through view, webpages fluttering just like a 1000 and something butterflies within the woman’s wake up.


Shivering, your woman raised the truly amazing pounds associated with the woman’s mind as well as looked over the badly lighted cellular. The environment smelled associated with sour smoke cigarettes as well as moist rock as well as perspiration. Your woman breathed everything within, delighting within the unshakable scent associated with intercourse concealed underneath everything.

Where ‘m We right now?

Your woman was nevertheless, not really not willing to maneuver, however not able, the actual cool associated with steel encasing the woman’s arms as well as ankles, hugging in order to the woman’s encounter just like a 2nd pores and skin. Your woman discovered the title on their behalf; shackles, some thing shed heard about lengthy, sometime ago within an additional life time.

Within the range your woman noticed the doorway open up, rarely oiled depends squealing gently, then actions along with a sleek tone of voice, then your replicate from the doorway slamming close, closing just about all inside exactly what seemed to be the dungeon. Definitely, the woman’s little space had been the cellular. The actual walls prior to the woman’s had been designed associated with pubs associated with metal, others, such as the 1 your woman needed to distort to be able to observe, had been approximately created granitic. Over the woman’s, the metal bands have been inlayed to the rock. Your woman strung in one, large stores mounted on the actual secured arm music group, the woman’s hands elevated directly over the woman’s mind, the woman’s ankles mounted on comparable bands set towards the ground making the woman’s upper thighs somewhat aside.

Oh ho! This appears like my personal beautiful captive offers awoken through the woman’s slumbers.

Your woman looked with the pubs, the woman’s eyesight along with the the flashlight within the corridor past, from a set of males, the woman’s look heading very first to 1 who had been stunning. He or she had been good looking inside a somewhat androgynous method; dressed up in man made fiber, ribbons from their neck as well as arms, their waistcoat buttoned throughout the slim upper body along with a thin waistline. He or she had been thoroughly clean shaven as well as their good precious metal locks had been attracted in the ponytail. Vibrant azure eye glittered through under good eyelashes.

Another had been shirtless, their well-muscled body sparkling along with perspiration, their pores and skin darkish, as well as their mind without locks. He or she smiled from the woman’s, their eye filled with wishes because their look went through the woman’s encounter in order to the woman’s uncovered bosoms after which in order to the woman’s nude cunt. Blushing, your woman switched the woman’s mind from him or her, the woman’s phrases the gentle murmur associated with seem.

Where ‘m We?

‘tsk, tsk, my personal fairly sweet. It’s not your home in order to request queries, and then solution all of them.

Their tone of voice had been gentle as well as sensuous, nearly the caress, also it delivered shivers down and up the woman’s backbone. Allowing away the sigh, your woman tugged helplessly from the woman’s stores, a lot in order to their enjoyment, satisfying quietly, the woman’s look set in order to their in some way acquainted azure orbs.

You ‘re going nowhere fast till We discharge a person.

Who have you been?

Oh, a person tease! I’m injured.

He or she offered the woman’s absolutely no additional solution. Rather he or she created a vital as well as switched the actual locking mechanism from the cellular doorway, permitting themself within prior to very carefully locking this at the rear of him or her, rapidly generating an additional, much more sensitive crucial made from metallic.

‘this may be the crucial for your shackles that, We guarantee a person, won’t becoming arriving away soon.

What perform you want to perform beside me?

Their fun phoned with the cellular just like a bell.

Do? Oh yea, expensive Lord within Bliss. You’re the pleasure. Right here a person suspend, from the whim, bereft of modesty, and also you question what we should plan related to a person?

Concern stuffed the woman’s stomach because the woman’s creativity went crazy. Concern, then one otherwise, something which required the woman’s completely through shock. Wish.

‘show the woman’s, Francois.

Your woman viewed within captivation since the half-naked incredible came on the carefully wrought cover up apparently made from dark steel.

For a person, my personal expensive, in order to protect your own modesty, otherwise your own advantage. I’d this particular solid through Metal. An amazing good article. As well poor a person won’t have the ability to appreciate is actually around I’ll.

He or she kept this away to ensure that your woman might get the nearer appear, getting cautious be aware associated with 2 little openings on her nostrils, as well as very carefully toned the low fifty percent lacking to ensure that the woman’s mouth area will be subjected. There is, nevertheless, absolutely no additional starting. Whomever used the actual cover up will be without having view.

Once upon, just We can take it off, my personal dog. Keep in mind that nicely. Just We contain the crucial for your independence.


In the beginning shed measured the times. After that, once they increased a lot of, the actual days. Then it grew to become several weeks till lastly, your woman threw in the towel. This wasn’t a poor existence your woman needed to acknowledge in order to himself. Your woman had been nicely given as well as looked after, not really in contrast to the preferred kitty. The woman’s foods had been usually shipped manually, as well as usually through the enchanting as well as, because your woman appreciated, really good looking Comte d’Artagan. The crate, nevertheless, not really issue exactly how comfy, had been nevertheless the crate, also it had been exactly how your woman invested the woman’s evenings, within exactly what shed deduced had been the chicken crate hanging in the roof of 1 associated with their much more personal areas, permitting him or her to exhibit the woman’s away from their impulse.

Concern as well as frustration considered resignation, which grew to become rebellion after which monotony. Your woman increased accustomed to becoming sightless, walking within the backyard, their hands the woman’s just manual, memorizing the causes till your woman might stroll the actual pathways through himself in the event that necessary. Over time, your woman grew to become keen on him or her, getting excited about their organization. He or she had been nicely went in addition to informed. Their humor had been fast, as well as he or she had been each smart as well as enjoyable. He or she handled the woman’s nicely, even though, more often than once, your woman needed to question the reason why he or she in no way as soon as handled the woman’s. In the end, your woman is at their energy. He or she appeared to enjoy viewing the woman’s nude, a well known fact he or she said on from each and every chance, as well as your woman had been in no way permitted to put on clothing form cover up as well as 2 set of metallic shackles hed experienced customized installed.

Are a person homosexual, Comte DArtagan? shed queried as soon as following hearing him or her perform on the actual harpsichord on her.

Of program, dog! Exactly how might We not really end up being along with this kind of wonderful organization inside my aspect?

I imply, perform you prefer males?

Ah, ‘m We the gay.

He or she paused for any lengthy second, as though mulling within the concept, prior to responding to the woman’s.

You question the reason why I’ve not really shagged a person, dog.

Your woman nodded, the woman’s mind switching gradually, concentrating on the actual seem associated with their footwear because he or she circled the woman’s dangling crate.

Perhaps We watch for the best period. I’m not really, other things you may think associated with me personally, within the routine associated with raping youthful maidens, actually types because stunning as well as obtainable while you. Basically requested you to definitely have sex in my experience, exactly what can you solution?

It had been the woman’s use temporarily stop, the woman’s ideas distant, faraway phrases, not really overlooked, however definitely much less clean, found thoughts.

I’ll discover a person.


‘then We will merely wait around as well as, meanwhile, appreciate your own beautiful organization. ”


Several weeks grew to become many years. The number of, your woman couldn’t inform. Sufficient which the woman’s reminiscences started to diminish till these were dropped in order to the woman’s.

I would like you to definitely fuck me personally, Comte.

Ah, you’ve lastly awoken out of your lengthy rest, dog. Might I’ve the actual enjoyment associated with listening to a person request once again?

I would like you to definitely fuck me personally.

I alert a person, adore. We have unusual preferences. Basically had been in order to accept perform this type of point, this would need to end up being upon my personal conditions.

‘such because?

A celebration for example you’ve in no way observed prior to, along with you because the middle of interest as well as distributed around my personal visitors in addition to personally. You’ll be their own toy, their own quarry inside a the majority of uncommon search, nude as well as impaired. Just if you have happy just about all my personal visitors am i going to fuck a person. Exactly what would you state, dog?

Your woman clarified without having believed, the woman’s center beating within the woman’s upper body from the idea of getting used again and again, asking yourself in the event that she’d supply lightly or even approximately, installed through singles, sets, trios, quartets, the woman’s cunt as well as bum as well as mouth area spilling more than along with ejaculate, the woman’s tits as well as stomach covered along with seedling, pressured to consider cocks in to the woman’s mouth area. Your woman blushed, sensation comfortable lotion seeping through the woman’s pussy as well as lower the actual internal parts associated with the woman’s upper thighs, understanding without having viewing, which dArtagan had been viewing the woman’s, grinning wickedly in the view associated with the woman’s arousal. Your woman fought against for every inhale, the woman’s hard nips inflammation shateringly, the woman’s clitoris pressing through under the woman’s cover, throbbing along with wish.

Oh, indeed, indeed, as well as indeed.


Every day which handed next had been a good limitless pain. Your woman understood your day contacted, however whenever, your woman couldn’t bring to light from him or her.

Be individual, dog. Just about all within great period. You will find invites in my experience delivered along with a menus match with regard to this type of activity should be very carefully prepared. This stuff don’t occur immediately.

I can’t wait around, fuck me personally right now, only once, as well as I’ll cease requesting.

No. You have to wait around. Believe in me personally.

Your woman do, as well as your woman do. The other option do your woman possess?


Your woman relocated, quick as well as certain, with the backyard, the woman’s grin concealed through the metal cover up, the actual shouts as well as fun associated with the woman’s pursuers waxing as well as waning everywhere. The actual ear of the sibel, eager because eager might be, flattening himself within blossom bedrooms in the very first touch associated with trunk action or even slipper drop, till your woman had been protected within planet. All of the easier to hide, not really which your woman had been adverse in order to becoming discovered. In reality, it absolutely was a good grow older because she’s experienced a lot enjoyable as well as, even though your woman performed the overall game along with just about all the woman’s ability, it had been nevertheless a game title your woman understood shed happily shed.

Athos just as before!

Your woman smiled, choosing the actual tone of voice the woman’s keeper, the woman’s proprietor, the person who’s tossed on the actual crate doorway as well as smacked the woman’s comfortably about the base having a caution to create himself rare prior to he or she allow free ‘the hounds. Your woman understood, hearing all of them since the adored the woman’s within the woman’s crate, they had been aged buddies associated with the woman’s proprietors, comrades within hands whod discussed excellent activities fraught along with threat.

I can’t think we’re getting this kind of difficulty sniffing away your girlfriend, dArtagan!

Did We not really alert a person your woman had been much more canny compared to your woman made an appearance?

Aye, but still, I’d possess thought.

Your woman allow free the shocked shout because your woman had been all of a sudden drawn through the woman’s concealing location, notifying the woman’s proprietor and also the Musketeer Athos in order to the woman’s predicament.


Porthos, my pal, exactly what perhaps you have discovered?

A reward worth my personal initiatives, I actually do think. Arrive appear! In order to find which trick Aramis too!

Your woman battled. In the end, it had been anticipated associated with the woman’s. Center beating within the woman’s upper body, your woman gasped with regard to inhale, their hold unyielding on her behalf arm.


Your woman experienced not a way associated with informing in between all of them, although your woman attempted, quitting rapidly, giving up himself in order to easy enjoyment. Unyielding fingertips understood the woman’s arms, tugging all of them at the rear of the woman’s, warm inhale teased the woman’s subjected neck because hand ideas tilted the woman’s mouth upward as well as tough smooches attacked the woman’s. Your woman made welcome all of them, the woman’s mouth separating, the woman’s language slithering just like a snake between your the teeth from the voiceless, faceless guy. Your woman experienced on the job the woman’s, a lot of to become just their, rotating the woman’s hard nips, patting the woman’s flanks, caressing the woman’s base, pinching the woman’s upper thighs, fingernails raking, delivering surf associated with discomfort rotating via the woman’s primary, surf which switched rapidly considered euphoria.

The ton associated with warmth burnt via the woman’s because your woman had been joined, fingertips questing in to the woman’s leaking moist cunt, curving inside the woman’s, rubbing the woman’s clenching pit, discovering the woman’s the majority of personal associated with locations. Your woman experienced fevered, sounds heavy along with lust mocking the woman’s, identifying the woman’s slut as well as whore. Embarrassment from getting used such as this warred along with satisfaction from becoming the item of the lust. Your woman gasped like a mouth area discovered the woman’s nipple, stroking this in between starving mouth because the teeth went under in to the woman’s additional breasts, even while professional fingertips relocated maddenly gradually within as well as from the woman’s insatiable cunt.

How could it be youve already been maintaining this particular unpleasant small whore through all of us?

Lusty fun adopted. Breathlessly, your woman attempted to become listed on within, the hug silencing the woman’s, language making it’s method in to the woman’s mouth area even while the woman’s hands had been elevated more than the woman’s mind. Your woman experienced a minute associated with stress because your woman noticed the actual clink associated with string, the woman’s shackles reattached, along with a stress on her behalf hands because your woman had been raised in order to the woman’s feet. Your woman remembered the actual orchard as well as more than dangling sapling limbs after which just about all believed fled the woman’s fleshy cheeks had been parted and also the the majority of beautifully believe hand caressed the woman’s break, pushing wetly towards the woman’s flower marijuana, pressing gradually in to the woman’s virgin mobile bum.

You begged me personally in order to fuck a person.

The breathy sound within the woman’s hearing, the woman’s owner’s tone of voice delivering the foot styling excitement via the woman’s.

Oh, Indeed, make sure you. Your woman whimpered, busting another’s hug, sensation their hold on her behalf sides because their hand slid much deeper as well as much deeper in to the woman’s backdoor, sensation their knuckles drive the woman’s diamond ring broad because he or she stuffed the woman’s, protesting because the woman’s cunt had been all of a sudden forgotten, the woman’s phrases disrupted like a razor-sharp whack hit the woman’s mons, delivering tendrils associated with warmed discomfort via the woman’s, the woman’s ft departing our planet because the woman’s backbone bent, the woman’s hands getting just about all the woman’s pounds. Somebody hit the woman’s nipple dramatically, as well as she’d possess garbled close to otherwise for that hand impaling the woman’s restricted asshole. After which it had been 2 fingertips like a 2nd occupied the woman’s.

I believe she’s prepared with regard to some thing as pleasing, Porthos.

“Move apart after that, a person lout, as well as allow me to prick the woman’s along with my personal blade!

Oh, indeed! your woman moaned, sensation the woman’s retracts pressed aside, the top of the penis pushing in between all of them, pressing in to the woman’s, impossibly large, extending the woman’s fuck pit broad.

Oh, Lord, indeed!

What an awful small cunt you’ve discovered for all of us in order to perform along with, dArtagan. We’re permanently inside your financial debt.

Keeping the woman’s inhale your woman raised the woman’s thighs, covering all of them round the sides associated with the woman’s opponent, connecting the woman’s ankles, thrusting the woman’s sides towards him or her, eager they are driving their meaty penis in to the woman’s leaking pit, eager in order to ejaculate because a set of lengthy slim fingertips fit in with the woman’s proprietor, approximately your woman assumed, spiraled gradually within as well as from the woman’s nether pit, generating the woman’s gradually angry along with expectation because your woman experienced the woman’s orgasm creating gradually to some cooking stage.

‘my, my personal, aren’t all of us an awful small wench, adore.

Oh my personal Lord, indeed!

Your woman exploded, the woman’s shout echoing over the orchard, milling the woman’s sides towards whomever had been fucking the woman’s, a set of fingertips falling heavy in to the woman’s bum, jerks ripping the woman’s aside because your woman experienced the ton associated with warm ejaculate filling up the woman’s, the manly yell associated with sucess hiding the woman’s whines associated with euphoria since the the majority of beautiful associated with climaxes took via the woman’s.

‘score 1 with regard to Aramis!

Prior to your woman might demonstration, he or she drawn from the woman’s lotion stuffed cunt, and then end up being changed through tough stubble along with a starving mouth area.

No, absolutely no, We can’t consider much more.

Oh, indeed, dog, keep in mind, it had been a person that begged with this.

Your woman screamed because powerful fingertips understood the woman’s hard nips, rotating as well as switching all of them, the woman’s thighs becoming parted, raised more than shoulder blades like a experienced language occupied the woman’s ejaculate stuffed pussy, lapping playfully inside the woman’s to ensure that your woman barely observed the actual lack of fingertips filling up the woman’s bum.

What could it be you would like a lot more than something, my personal dog?

For you to definitely fuck me personally. Your woman whispered frantically.

Good woman.

Your woman experienced the actual mushroom formed mind associated with their penis, slick along with throw, push towards the woman’s bare pit, their hands grasping the woman’s tits, fingertips searching shateringly in to all of them, their the teeth tragedy in to the woman’s make because he or she required the woman’s through at the rear of. Your woman arrived nearly instantly, the actual language within the woman’s pussy generating the woman’s in order to levels shed in no way thought, actually within the woman’s wildest goals, the woman’s bum clenching their agile penis, pressing towards this because he or she gradually pressed inside the woman’s.

Fuck me personally! your woman cried, as well as he or she do, displaying the woman’s absolutely no whim. Your woman dropped himself, hardly realizing once the language had been changed with a penis, the woman’s whines suffocated through savage smooches, hot discomfort filled via the woman’s impossibly inflamed hard nips because powerful razor-sharp the teeth little bit in to the woman’s skin.

‘my intuition had been proper, a person create a wonderful small whore.

Your whore.

He or she clarified the woman’s along with an additional forced, that one heavy, heavy, heavy in to the woman’s bum, the woman’s entire body heading firm because he or she spurted warm ejaculate inside the woman’s, filling up the woman’s, their penis nevertheless moving insider the woman’s ejaculate clever fuck pit, allowing away the weep because he or she allow free an additional fill, as well as an additional, their seedling leaking from the woman’s bum, operating lower the actual internal parts associated with the woman’s upper thighs even while your woman experienced the actual penis within the woman’s pussy tight along with a heavy grumble transmission the actual appearance associated with however much more ejaculate, her very own orgasm slowly destroying the woman’s of senses

Your woman had been drifting on the ocean, re-writing gradually, rotating because night took more than the woman’s, because someplace far, your woman noticed the actual wily associated with wind gusts and also the hug associated with physical violence which appears to tremble the planet because your woman all of a sudden experienced the law of gravity draw from the woman’s. Yelling, your woman dropped with regard to exactly what appeared an eternity, clawing blindly, praying with regard to some thing to understand on to, horror robbing the woman’s inhale aside till awareness forgotten the woman’s completely, the whispered tone of voice the final point your woman noticed.

Keep in mind me personally.

To become continued